May use the wrong way to kill your Swiss mechanical replica watch

As all these gears, gears and pinions are stirred in a subtle and harmonious way, part of the appeal of a Swiss mechanical replica watch is that you have the fun of mending it. In this case, you need your daily winding to continue to use. But like other machines, the smallest mistakes may stop it. Whether changing the date at the wrong time or failing to unscrew the crown during bathing, every Swiss mechanical replica watch wearer should be aware of the basic errors that can cause the replica watch to be damaged.

1 change the date at the wrong time

Do you have a Swiss mechanical replica watch with a date display? Between 10 pm and 2 am, it is actually undergoing replacement and should not be tampered with. More and more manual wind and automatic modern replica watches are not affected by this Peccadillo, but it is still the main culprit in any retro style. If you need to manually change the date, please do it before 10pm or after 2am.

2 Keep your replica watch working

Although the number of Star Wars can be sealed in a box in the early 1980s, it is not advisable to ruin a replica watch for a long time. “I certainly recommend wearing the watch on the watch, rather than putting it in the drawer for several months, because the lubricant (such as the oil on the gem bottle cap is an example) may dry up and have a negative impact on the timing of the replica watch. John Lloyd, owner of Clerkenwell's Watch Service Center in London, said the service center repairs and repairs Swiss mechanical watches.

3 magnetic properties of electronic equipment

Some watches, such as Rolex replica watches, are specifically designed to withstand magnetic fields. Others, especially older replica watches, are susceptible to regular contact with seemingly harmless items such as laptops and cell phones. “When using an older Swiss mechanical fake watch, getting close to any magnetic device can cause problems because it can affect the mainspring or hairspring and cause the watch to gain,” Lloyd said. “However, the design of modern Swiss mechanical replica watches makes the mainspring diamagnetic. The mobile phone itself is not a serious problem in this regard, but it should be used with caution in some cases of magnetic fasteners, which may make Surprisingly powerful. “If your watch is already magnetized, you can purchase a degaussing device (just £8 on Amazon or eBay) to reduce or eliminate residual magnetic fields.

4 over-polishing

If your Swiss mechanical replica watch has found some obvious scratches and flaws in the past few years, then kopior klockor you may want to professionally polish it. However, it is worth noting that every time the watch is polished, thin metal/gold will be polished from the top, and excessive polishing will eventually cause the case to deform, such as the edges losing their sharpness. Also, if this is a unique or rare timepiece you might want to sell, please note that collectors and auctioneers replica watch to be as intact as possible.

5 use it in water

Swiss mechanical replica watches that are not waterproof should not be submerged in water at all. But even a waterproof 5ATM watch should not be worn in a sauna or jacuzzi, as the shrinkage and expansion of metal and crystal may allow moisture to seep into the cabinet. Moreover, even the best diving replica watches, you should carefully check that all crowns and thrusters are tightened; otherwise water will enter and cause oxidation. As for retro diving watches, don't even take risks. Gaskets and seals that prevent moisture in the replica watch will disappear over time.

6 did not get repair service in time

John Lloyd recommends that you service your Swiss mechanical replica watch repair every three to four years. He said: "It does more than a car, but replica watches uk most people automatically install the car on a regular vehicle. Many people will wait until their replica watch starts to malfunction (or simply stop) and then ask for help. "He says. “It's worth pointing out that this may involve more costs, because by then, the parts may be worn out and need to be replaced.”

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